Your Mind, Body & Soul will be Nourished with Daily Reiki Love.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique, used by those looking to soothe and calm naturally. Practicing Reiki daily, and/or receiving it regularly from a Compassionate Practitioner, can significantly improve your outlook, can lower anxiety and stress levels, while increasing creativity and wisdom. 

Learning Reiki is the kindest offering you can give yourself.  It's a tool you'll choose to use each day, to build your calmer and more joyful life. Reap the rewards of discovering who you really are, and embracing all you can be. Practicing each day, even for a few moments, can transform your life into a more joyful experience.

Reiki is unique in that its benefits are cumulative. I know of no other soothing modality that works this way. The more you practice, the better you feel.

Paula is an approved Practitioner with North of Boston Cancer Resource on -line Guide;

She also offers Private and monthly Group Reiki sessions at Soleil’s Salt Cave, in Exeter;

And she offers monthly Group Reiki sessions at Inspired Yoga and Health, in Raymond;

She offers Reiki Infused Yoga events, at various locations as well, so more people can experience this incredible energy. If you have an event, that could be enhanced with Reiki, please reach out. Paula loves sharing this Calming Method with all who are ready to receive and relax <3

She also serves on the Advisory Board for Jayme’s Fund for Social Justice, a non-profit dedicated to teaching tolerance and educating students of all ages. She’s a hands on volunteer as well, and believes deeply in its Mission;