True Harmony Reiki, LLC was founded with the intent of sharing Reiki with those who are interested in learning more about themselves. Can you imagine a place where people are less stressed? Less anxious? Less angry? How about this same place with people who are more creative? More patient? More loving? Can you imagine these people who enjoy clarity and wisdom like never before, all with a sense of balance in their lives? This can be you!! Enjoy a relaxing session, to calm and reduce stress. Reiki is cumulative, so each minute you experience Reiki, builds on prior sessions. Or learn with an experienced Reiki Master Teacher, who offers a sacred space, to teach and share. Learning takes place in a fun, informative and supportive atmosphere. 

Paula is an approved Practitioner with North of Boston Cancer Resource on -line Guide;

She also offers Monthly, Group Reiki sessions at Soleil’s Salt Cave, in Exeter;

And, she offers Reiki Infused Yoga events, at various locations. If you have an event, that could be enhanced with Reiki, please reach out. Paula loves sharing this Calming Method with all who are ready to receive and relax <3

She also serves on the Advisory Board for ‘Jayme’s Fund for Social Justice’, a non-profit dedicated to teaching tolerance and educating students of all ages. She’s a hands on volunteer as well, and believes deeply in the Mission;

Paula Hogan, Founder

Certified Reiki Master Teacher