Student and Client Testimonials


“To anyone who is considering learning Reiki, I wholeheartedly recommend True Harmony Reiki. As a teacher, Paula provides the most positive framework for learning- her experience, her energy and her approach- which come together to make the most positive environment for her students. It was enjoyable, informative and encouraging, that this is something we can all, by taking her class, make a difference with as we continue to spread Reiki love.”

Alyssa S.

“I took Reiki 1 with Paula, I chose her because she had been suggested by a Nurse Practitioner I usually see.  I was nervous at first because I saw the class was an 8 hour class, and with some health issues that I have it can sometimes be difficult for me to sit through a class that long.  Before I signed up I contacted Paula to see what her policy was if I wasn’t able to attend the class last minute or if I needed to leave early.  I was so happy I spoke with her because she put me at such ease!!  She told me that she would work with me to do what I could when I could, and it would all happen as it should =)

The Reiki 1 class was amazing!  Due to some family things I did end up needing to take the class privately, but I’m excited to continue my Reiki Journey with Paula.  I’m looking forward to Reiki 2!!”

April H.

"I contacted Paula about registering for Reiki 2, not knowing who she was, only knowing that she had been recommended to me as an instructor by a close family member. When I spoke to her over the phone, I was instantly confident that she was the right instructor for me to continue my Reiki practice with. She is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, experienced, encouraging, and patient. The class size was small, and perfect for an enriched learning experience. You can feel the love and positive energy as soon as you step inside, and you’re made to feel right at home. Paula ended up being everything (and more) that I could have wished for in a Reiki instructor. Not only did I leave there with the skills I expected to learn in Reiki 2, but I also left feeling supported, and empowered, in my Reiki practice. I look forward to continuing to share in my Reiki practice with her, and I would recommend to anyone to reach out to her if you’re at all curious about Reiki, or have already started your practice and are looking to continue."

 Courtney B.

"I studied under Paula for all 3 levels of Reiki and found her to be so pure in her
teaching, ensuring that her students have a solid understanding of its origin and history of Reiki,
as an important piece of the training.
She takes care to be sure that her students understand the techniques, symbols and
consciousness needed to offer energy clearing to others. She wants students to ask any and all
questions and I found her to be very supportive during the sessions and afterwards as well.
I highly recommend that you select Paula as your Reiki teacher."

Jane B.

I am so happy and honored to have had Paula as my Reiki l instructor.
It was a beautiful day of learning and inspiration that has enabled me to heighten
my connection to healing energy for myself, family and friends.
Paula has a wonderful gift for teaching and sharing the benefits and simplicity of
Reiki. Anyone interested in the healing arts will enjoy taking her Reiki I day long
I look forward to continuing with Paula for my Reiki ll instruction.

Nancy Peacock
Newmarket, NH

" Paula is a knowledgeable and intuitive Master Reiki practitioner and instructor. She is definitely “in sync” with her higher powers. Paula provides Reiki and offers Reiki training in a beautiful, safe and supportive environment. She is a gentle and patient professional. Thank you, Paula, for sharing your universal love and light..."

Linda S.


"Paula at True Harmony Reiki has provided such a great Reiki certification program as well as Reiki sessions. She is so warm, caring, and peaceful that you are able to actually relax and enjoy yourself for either class or a session. Paula embodies light and love everywhere she goes!"

Megan L.


"Paula is the embodiment of Reiki, caring and compassionate. She is a wonderful Reiki therapist and teacher. I have referred many people to her and she has my highest recommendation."

Dina C.


"Receiving a Reiki session from Paula is an amazing experience. Not only because she is incredibly warm, nurturing and caring but also because of the fantastic results. I saw Paula first at Soleil  Salt Cave to address significant feels of heartbreak due to a loss of a pet.  I left feeling much more at peace. A few days later, Paula rearranged her schedule to meet me at her home.  This time, I wanted to suspend my grief so I could focus on an important job interview and that is just what happened!   I think Paula is a very gifted Reiki practitioner. I certainly will continue seeing her!"

Kate G.

 "Paula is awesome! I did my Reiki I cert with her and she was very welcoming, supportive, and caring. Her passion for healing and happiness shine through in everything she does. She truly wants what is best for everyone. Would highly recommend Paula!"

Sarah B.

"Nothing can compare to Paula's valuable skill, knowledge, and technique taught in her Reiki 1 Certification Program.  The training manual created by Paula provides students with enough history about the ancient practice of Reiki along with creating a clear understanding about the definition of Reiki.  Her poise and professionalism creates a safe and comfortable environment where students can ask questions and share experiences with ease.  I am looking forward to continuing my Reiki journey in Paula's Reiki 2 Certification Program.  "

Shared with Light and Love ~ Leah


“I finished the Reiki I course with Paula just recently and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I felt a very strong energy flow in my hands after the two Attunements. It feels calming and very relaxing when I do Reiki on myself and I hear equally positive feedback from others when I render Reiki to them. Paula is a gifted teacher and the love and peace that emanate from her made learning Reiki even a more profound experience.”

Traudi E.


“I just finished my Reiki II class and it was again a most harmonious and rewarding experience. I use the remote treatment mode frequently with great results. Paula’s endless love is a most valuable tool in her style of teaching.”



"Paula brought such a wonderful teaching style into our Reiki I class. She made the subject matter so relatable and she instilled such a a sense of confidence in our ability to learn and use Reiki in our everyday life, no matter what our circumstances. I look forward to and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Paula again for Reiki II.  Her message of going bravely to practice with compassion this healing art, truly embodies the great and gentle warrior that she is."

Katherine M.


"I recently took  Reiki I from Paula Hogan, and was very impressed.  Paula’s extensive knowledge and experience practicing Reiki was evident as she taught the class.  She created a peaceful, sacred atmosphere so we could get the most out of the experience.  I feel confident to continue practicing Reiki on myself and others thanks to Paula, Reiki Master.  I highly recommend taking the class!"

Norma T.


"Thanks to Paula's gentle guidance in her Reiki I class, I have learned to access universal life force energy  to promote wellness, balance, and peace within my own body.  The benefits of this ancient practice have been instrumental in maintaining my health and sense of well being.  I plan to further my study of this amazing healing modality in Paula's Reiki II class."

Cathy A.

 "Thank you Paula for a great Reiki session. Your session was so relaxing. I could feel the energy flowing through me during the session, it was so amazing! I slept so well, woke up so refreshed."

JoAnn B.


" I truly enjoyed my Reiki 1 class with Paula. She creates a warm and welcoming environment for her students, and is clearly very knowledgeable about the practice of Reiki.  Her joy in sharing this knowledge is readily apparent and I feel  privileged to be under her tutelage. "                   

Donna S.